About Us

Home Improvement Services housing care have honed and developed skills over many years to tailor homes in a cost effective, sympathetic way to meet the needs of the elderly and infirm, aiding them to remain in their homes when those homes become unsympathetic to them. 

 We look at the needs of the home owner and how best to work with clients interests in adapting, modifying, altering certain aspects of the house to make life easier and more user friendly.

Working in partnership with health care professionals, occupational therapists, local councils, housing associations and other organisations tasked with housing care needs and the well being of the elderly or infirm.

Customer Review

We specialize in styling properties for sale using a range of furniture, artwork & accessories in a rental arrangement, & maximize the appeal of a property to a potential purchaser.

Here’s what our customers have to say.

Clarissa Wolman

Jesse’s crews have also done extensive work on my exterior having transformed my deck with staining and painting of the floors.

Lor Spielberg

From the moment I first met the team, I knew they were dependable. The crew repaired my garage door in no-time.

Christopher Brown

The crew repaired my garage door in no-time flat and from then on, I knew he was the right man for any job around the house.